Career Opportunities

In State Employment Position Advertisement on ASCE State Section Website


As a benefit to our ASCE community, the ASCE State Section will be posting employment opportunities for locations within the State of Indiana on our website.  Since this will be a new service, a monthly e-mail will be sent to the membership identifying new employment postings on the website. The employment postings will be available to Private Companies, Educational Institutions, and Government Agencies. There will be a low monthly fee for advertising on the website. The cost for one month of advertising is $250 for Private Companies and Educational Institutions.  A reduced monthly cost of $125 is being offered to Government Agencies.

If you are interested in posting an employment opportunity, please contact Steve Werling ASCE State Section Secretary at e-mail address - A description of the employment list should be provided in a word document.


Payments will be made to the ASCE State Section Treasurer – Jason Durr at e-mail address-




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