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  • ASCE Op-Ed in the Detroit News: Better roads, bridges will boost the state's economy (11/1/2011)

    "Michigan's economy will continue to stumble unless something is done quickly and effectively to restore the state's battered roads and bridges.
    The infrastructure recommendations outlined by Gov. Rick Snyder will help modernize and restore the safety and condition of transportation infrastructure within our state."

  • Detroit News: Snyder pushes improvements to roads, transit and sewers (10/26/2011)

    "Michigan spends roughly $3 billion annually on roads, and a study released in September by House Republicans concluded the state needs to invest an extra $1.4 billion annually, rising to $2.6 billion per year by 2023, to meet the minimum long-term costs to maintain its roads.

    Michigan has been steadily raising less money each year for roads as motorists drive less or switch to electric or more fuel-efficient vehicles. The state gasoline tax was last raised in 1997.

    If too little state money is invested, Michigan could lose roughly $400 million in federal road funds next year.

    According to the Michigan Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Michigan is still not making the grade after it received an overall "D" rating for infrastructure two years ago.

    According to a report from the group, to delay the repair of roads and bridges within the state, and the rest of the country, would cost individual families $1,000 per year in repairs, increased cost of goods and time delays."

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