Hudson River Valley Greenway – Project Manager, Empire State Trail  – Albany, NY

(Posted July 6, 2018)


Job Title: Project Manager


Position Summary

In January 2017, Governor Cuomo announced the creation of the Empire State Trail, a  750-mile bicycle and walking trail that will span New York State, from Buffalo to Albany and from New York City through the Hudson and Champlain Valleys to Canada.  Some portions of the trail already exist; over the next three years an additional 350 miles will be constructed or improved, with the entire route completed by December, 2020. 


The Empire State Trail Project Manager will:

a) Provide ongoing project management support, budget tracking, and project milestone monitoring to assist in overseeing and managing the delivery of a statewide roster of 60 Empire State Trail construction projects, with individual projects undertaken by a number of state agencies and local government partners.  

b) Identify and manage technical challenges and issues that arise during the design, budgeting, scheduling, procurement, bidding, permitting and construction of specific trail projects. 

c) Assist in the day-to-day management in the planning, design, bidding, permitting, construction, and construction management of the 35-mile Albany-Hudson Electric Trail project.

d) Manage a statewide effort for the design, planning, procurement, and installation of Empire State Trail wayfinding signage across the 750-mile statewide route, including coordinating with consultants, local government partners, and stakeholders.  

e) Assist in the planning, design, procurement, and installation of EST Gateway and Trailhead sites at select locations. 

f) Provide project management support to EST partner agencies on an as-needed basis. 

This position is based in Albany, with regular travel to project sites throughout the state.  The Project Manager reports to the Director of the Empire State Trail.

Job Description and Duties

The Project Manager performs management duties for planning, design, procurement and construction, including the technical review of drawings and related details, for the execution of the Empire State Trail.  On assigned projects, the Project Manager, in coordination with other HRVG staff, schedules and oversees the activities of design consultants, engineers, specification writers, estimators, fabricators and construction teams.  

 The Project Manager advises and consults with partner agencies regarding the feasibility and acceptability of project plans, and provides technical assistance, advice and guidance on engineering and related matters.  The Project Manager independently makes recommendations and decisions to resolve engineering problems in carrying out projects to completion.  Duties include:

a) For assigned projects, review and evaluate project documentation for acceptance with scope and specifications in the Empire State Trail Design Guide and applicable state and federal standards for existing on- and off-road trail segments. 

b) Prepare timely and accurate written reports and meeting minutes documenting findings, decisions made, and actions required. 

c) Review and determine project feasibility relative to the scope requirements, the project budget, and construction schedules.

d) Review and approve drawings and specifications prepared by EST consultants and general contractors for conformity with contract requirements, codes and standards, and costs and schedule compliance.

e) As required, assist in Value Engineering efforts.

f) During the construction stages of projects, make periodic field inspections to ensure full compliance with drawings and specifications and provide advice and guidance relating to any proposed changes that arise in the field.

g) Review contractor submittals for approval.

h) Supervise Construction Manager firms and personnel who perform construction administration and inspection on behalf of the Greenway.

i) Review Change Orders to insure compliance of approved bid documents to assure the intent and all appropriate codes are carried out.

j) Make field inspections of completed projects to determine that the work has been executed as documented in the project contract drawings and specifications.

The Project Manager works closely with partner agencies, consultants and stakeholders, requiring frequent oral and written communications to identify and resolve issues and provide technical advice and guidance as needed.  Oversight will be provided through review of written materials, participation in meetings and telephone conferences, and field visits to project sites.  


Job Requirements

1. Good working knowledge of the principles, practices and procedures of civil engineering, project management, construction methods, and project budgeting and tracking.

2. Working knowledge of applicable codes, laws, rules and standards regulating the design and construction of the Empire State Trail.

3. Proficiency in MS Office suite of software applications.

4. Proficiency in MS Project with a working knowledge of project schedule analysis and management of multiple project budgets.

5. Ability to analyze comprehensive designs and balance requirements of design value engineering. 

6. Ability to review project elements for conformance with applicable standards, policies, codes, cost efficiency, program objectives, for compliance with design requirements that represent engineering principles of current best practice.

7. Ability to express ideas effectively both orally and in writing.

8. Ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with all consultant and agency parties associated with the delivery of the Empire State Trail Project. 

9. Ability to manage and prioritize a large and diverse workload.


 Minimum Qualifications

1. A bachelor’s or higher degree in engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, or a related field, plus a minimum of five years’ experience in project management in the construction field, including a track record of supervisory responsibility.

2. Possession of a Professional License in Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, or similar accreditation issued by New York State or another state is preferred but not required.

3. Knowledge and experience of the design and construction of multi-use trails and bicycle and pedestrian facilities is preferred but not required.


Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to the Hudson River Valley Greenway at


 The Hudson River Valley Greenway is an equal opportunity Employer.