100th Anniversary Planning Committee Volunteer Opportunity

In October 2014, the St. Louis Section will celebrate its 100th Anniversary as an official ASCE Section. Over the past several months, a group of Past-Presidents have been brainstorming to identify potential ways to celebrate this momentous occasion. Ideas that are being considered include:
 Purchasing billboard displays to commemorate the occasion and/or promote Civil Engineering
 Creating a Walking Tour Brochure of significant civil engineering structures in the Downtown St. Louis area (similar
brochures could also be developed in other cities within the Section)
 Publishing a Coffee Table book highlighting all of the Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award Winning Projects and ASCE Historical Landmarks
 Publishing articles in the Newsletter on historical events in the Section’s past
 Re-dedicating the Eads Bridge
 Finding synergy with the City of St. Louis 250th Anniversary Celebration plans
 Building a float that would be entered in parades throughout the year
 Sponsoring engineering programs on PBS such as “Underground St. Louis”
 Hosting a Black-Tie Anniversary Party and inviting dignitaries from throughout the Section
Successful implement any or all of these ideas will require the teamwork and commitment of more than a few Past Presidents. The volunteer opportunities are numerous and can be tailored to the amount of time the member is able to commit. To get your name on the volunteer list, please contact Jeff Fouse at jfouse@reitzjens.com.

Next year is the St. Louis Section’s 100th anniversary.  The 100th Anniversary Committee is planning to publish a large-format, hard cover, full color history book celebrating the achievements of civil engineering to the region of the St. Louis Section.  The book will highlight projects, historic companies and government agencies, events and individuals.  The articles will be mostly photos or drawings, with non-technical text.  The audience is the general public.  We need gifted writers and historic photos to make this book truly remarkable.  Projects have to be in the boundaries of the St. Louis Section (see our website for a map).  Companies must have their headquarters in the St. Louis Section to be considered for a separate article.  If a company was the designer or general contractor for a significant project – such as one of the St. Louis Section’s Outstanding Civil Engineering Projects – then that company, or historic individual, may have an accompanying sidebar.  Authors will be acknowledged.  If you are interested, email Jeff Fouse at jfouse@reitzjens.com to register your article and to receive the space and format guidelines.  We would like to receive proposals for articles by October 15, 2013We particularly need articles on projects, etc. outside of the immediate St. Louis area!

This project is funded in part by the St. Louis Section and national ASCE.  We will accept donations to help offset the cost, so that we can place this book free to area schools and libraries and at low cost to our members and the public.  Major financial contributors will be acknowledged in the book.

Among the several events and activities being planned for the 100th Anniversary is to develop a list of notable civil engineering projects and sites located in or near the Section’s area and set them up for geocaching or waymarking. If you aren’t familiar with geocaching or waymarking, they are similar GPS-based hobbies popular with people around the world who enjoy travelling, exploring and being outdoors, and is a particularly enjoyable for family activity.  Generally, the GPS-equipped participant visits a website that allows them to search for coordinates and descriptions of places of interest. In waymarking, the coordinates lead the participant to the specific location with perhaps an opportunity to pick up more information, maybe clues about the project or a next location. Geocaching goes a little further in that there is typically a small container hidden at the specified location and participants can log their visit in a tiny notebook and exchange small objects found in the cache container.  The possibilities are many. Some of the sites popular in the hobby include www.geocaching.com and www.waymarking.com.

Our concept for this 100th Anniversary activity is to set up a webpage specifically for this, and it would be an on-going project with minimal maintenance. We would determine coordinates that the general public could use to find civil engineering points of interest using a GPS receiver. Relevant information about the projects or sites would also be included on the website for the visitors’ education about civil engineering.
Your help is needed to make this an interesting and fun activity for people wanting to visit and learn about the projects. We are looking for your input for:

  • Compiling the list of projects and sites.

  • Writing interesting and concise descriptions about the projects.

  • Determining safely accessible vantage points to view or more physically experience the projects.

  • Establishing and verifying the GPS coordinates.

For more information about this project, please contact Brent Vaughn at bvaughn@members.asce.org