The Penn 7 Maumee River Wetland Restoration Project: Planning and Construction Overview

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 - 12:00 PM - Tuesday, June 22, 2021 - 01:00 PM

Maumee Penn 7

The City of Toledo’s 59-acre Penn 7 property, a former confined disposal facility (CDF) north of downtown Toledo on the lower Maumee River near its mouth into Lake Erie, is the site of a major NOAA-GLC Regional Habitat Partnership GLRI-funded wetland restoration. This project is creating approximately 9.5 acres of submerged and emergent wetlands on the former CDF, 8.5 acres of coastal wetlands/open water habitat in the embayment, and 20+ acres of improved upland habitat. The Penn 7 site is expected to be a productive spawning and nursery site for Lake Erie fish and provide quality benthic and wildlife habitat while reducing suspended sediments/nutrient concentrations of stormwater flowing into the restored habitat. Project team scientists and engineers will share details of the thorough site conditions analyses, modeling activities, public outreach, final engineering and restoration design, construction activities (expected to be complete in early 2021), and future monitoring and maintenance plans. 

For more information about the Project:

Habitat-Maumee-River-AOC-Penn7-Fact-Sheet-FINAL-February-2020.pdf (


Ryan Darnton, J.D., PE

NOAA Restoration Center; ERT Contractor

Technical Monitor/Engineer/Scientist IV


Eric Ellis

Great Lakes Commission

Coastal Conservation & Habitat Restoration Project Manager


Phil Hicks, PE

Hull & Associates, LLC

Senior Project Manager



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