Each year proceeds from the fall and spring seminar help fund individuals who wish to use their talents and skills to assist others in need.  Typically service grants are awarded to individual students or to student groups, though anyone is free to apply.



To apply for a Service Grant, please download the Service Grant Application and email to our section email.


Recipients of the 2018 Service Grant Awards

Mister C's Hair Raising Science October 27, 2018--Mister C’s Hair Raising Science is a free live science show offered to the students in the Greater Dayton Region.  This 1 hour event provides students and families the opportunity to engage with STEM learning in a fun, judge-free, informal learning environment.  Mister C uses music, media, and humor coupled with high energy, eye-catching demonstrations and experiments to inspire children and their families to learn together.



Recipients of the 2017 Service Grant Awards

David Ramsey - UD civil engineering student
Mbo Barombi, Cameroon-Biosand Water Filtration System
Presentation at ASCE Meeting on November 16, 2017
Steven Looby - UD civil engineering student
Malawi, Africa-Surveying of Future Wasambo Schools and Construction of Wasambo High School
Presentation at ASCE Meeting on November 16, 2017
Engineers Without Borders - Wright State
Presentation at ASCE Meeting on November 16, 2017
Daniela Lopez - UD civil engineering student

Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service-Learning (ETHOS)

The ETHOS Center seeks to provide service-learning experiences through technical immersions, student activities, research and hands-on projects. Through these experiences, students have gained perspectives on how engineering and technology are influenced by the world. Participating students have been able to use their engineering skills for humanitarian purposes, serving others through practical engineering knowledge. Our alumni learn about the world, different cultures and themselves.

More about ETHOS-UD

Engineers Without Borders-Wright State University

Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit organization that works with local communities to identify needs and provide creative solutions. EWB’s vision is a world in which every community has the capacity to sustainable meet their basic humans needs. EWB-USA works worldwide and requests that the local chapters provide a 5-year commitment to their international community and allows the community to decide what their needs are. EWB requests that the community provide 5-10% of the cost of the project through financial means or in-kind donations (such as labor), and this structure ensures that the community has stake in the project. No one receives anything for free and it ensures that the project implemented are genuinely needed in the area.

Engineers Without Borders at Wright State University chapter is not yet partnered internationally, but the students partner with UC and Miami University to assist with designs for their international programs and occasionally travel. The students are currently working to provide a rainwater harvesting system at a church in Trotwood. This rainwater harvesting system will be a standalone roof structure with gutters that will collect and route rain water to a local water tank. This water tank will be utilized to water the community garden during dry periods. Additionally, this will expand the community garden operation within the neighborhood, and increase the number of affected individuals. Through partnering with us, you are providing fresh produce in an area where people lack access to fresh and healthy food. 

Facebook: Engineers Without Borders-Wright State University  Instagram: @ewb_wsu


Past Service Grant Recipients