The Younger Member Group (YMG) for ASCE’s Dayton Chapter is on the rise once again.  Amy Moore has begun the YMG revitalization process.  Amy Moore graduated from UC and works at LJB Inc. as a bridge engineer. Amy is seeking any interested current and prospective ASCE members under the age of 35 (non-students).  The objective of the YMG is the advancement of the science and profession of Civil Engineering in a matter consistent with the purpose of the American Society of Civil Engineers.  This is a great opportunity to grow both professionally and personally while establishing a network with younger Civil Engineering professionals in the Dayton area.

Amy has started the planning process for socials, technical presentations and community service events for 2014-15 targeted towards younger Civil Engineering professionals.  Keep your eyes peeled for more details on our upcoming events.  Until then, feel free to email Amy if you are interested or have any questions or ideas.

Younger Member Goals:

  • Increase the transition of UD students to Younger Members through increased activities and collaboration with students.
  • Get new members involved by providing programs specifically targeted towards Younger Member career stages.
  • Increase membership and participation of Younger Members in Dayton ASCE Branch activities.