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Members holding Professional Engineer or Structural Engineer Licenses need to be aware of current regulations pertaining to their license. The followng links are provided to the licensing boards in Missouri and Illinois for your conveneience.

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Message From the Program Committee

Since continuing education (CE) requirements were introduced by many states, there has been a significant increase in number of courses offered by various organizations. It is important to keep in mind that an accurate record keeping is the responsibility of the licensee. Missouri Board of Professional Engineers requires that adequate records must be maintained for a minimum of four years for auditing purposes. Illinois Department of Professional Regulation requires record availability for a period of four years (after the renewal) for licensed professional engineers and six years for licensed structural engineers.

As a benefit to our members, ASCE St. Louis Section Program Committee collects and maintains records of continuing education events sponsored or co-sponsored by the ASCE St. Louis Section. These records include: event announcements with date, location, topic, duration, speakers’ name and qualifications, and list of participants. The event records are provided by volunteer organizers. Members responsible for organizing qualified continuing education events should submit event records to the Program Committee Chair.

For more information, contact the Program Committee Chair