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Report Card for Pennsylvania's Infrastructure Featured Category - Stormwater

Direct Stormwater Runoff Pollution Mostly to Blame for a Whopping 19,000 Miles of Our Rivers and Streams Designated as “Impaired” by PADEP in 2016.


While Generally performing adequately for higher-frequency lower-intensity rainfall events, the age of much of Pennsylvania’s stormwater infrastructure exceeds 100-years, and needs on-going repairs, replacement, and capacity upgrades. There is also a lack of easily accessible critical information relating to the size, condition, capacity, and capital needs of all public and privately-owned stormwater assets. Source of funding for these much-needed improvements are not consistently available for municipalities across the Commonwealth. The Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act was amended in 2013 by Act 68 to permit the creation of stormwater authorities, and Act 62 was signed into law in June 2016 authorizing second class townships to create stormwater utilities. Several other legislative bills are currently in the Pennsylvania Senate, and if enacted, will further empower local governments to apply a stormwater use-based revenue system to fun the operation, maintenance and upgrades of stormwater assets.


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2018 Report Card for PA's Infrastructure Has Been Released!

All grades and supporting information can be found by clicking the image below.


Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation Project Tour with the SEI


Members of the Central PA Section and Penn State University SEI Graduate Student Chapter visited this major transporation project in PennDOT District 3-0 back in October. A very special thank you to PennDOT for an informative and picturesque tour of the 4,545’ long, 90’ wide, 180’ high river bridge construction site.