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George Hillman


George J. Hillman



Associates degree in Civil Engineering Technology (1968, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology)

Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Technology (1973, Roger Williams University)

Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering (1978, Northeastern University)

Master of Science degree in Applied Management (1991, Lesley University)

Engineering Career

Mr. Hillman began his career as a structural drafter for United Engineers in Boston, Massachusetts in 1968.  He became a construction supervisor during his enlistment in the U.S. Army.  In 1973, he was hired as a structural engineer with Stone and Webster Corporation.  His structural design work was primarily on nuclear and fossil fuel commercial power plants.  In 1985, Mr. Hillman was hired as an outside plant engineer for New England Telephone and Telegraph Company (NYNEX).  During his time in the telecommunications industry, he became an environmental engineer and project manager.  In 2006, Mr. Hillman retired from New England Telephone and Telegraph Company (Verizon) and became a structural engineer for Neill and Gunter Incorporated in Scarborough, Maine.  He worked on power plant and paper mill alteration design projects.  Mr. Hillman retired from his engineering career in 2009.

Professional Activities

Member of the American Society of Engineers

Most Rewarding Career Moment

Mr. Hillman was the manager in charge of NYNEX’s underground fuel storage tank replacement program in five New England states.  Noncompliant underground storage tanks were removed in time to meet EPA regulations.


Distinguished alumnus award from the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in 1995.


Playing golf and family history research.