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Stephen J. Bradstreet



Architecture and Civil Engineering Degree (1978 CMVTI)
BS - Civil Engineering (1983, University of Maine)

Engineering Career

I chose civil engineering after bouncing between Chemistry, Psychology and Anthropology.  An aptitude test at UMaine placed me in the world of Artistry and Engineering.  I got my foothold at CMVTI in the Architecture and Civil Engineering program.  Within two years of graduation and working as a draftsman, I returned to school, but this time at UMaine in Civil Engineering.

I initially worked in structural engineering but transitioned into site civil with private site development and municipal infrastructure being my focus for the next 30 years.

While the majority of my work was from Kittery to Fort Kents and Bethel to Bar Harbor, I was fortunate to work on the design of a trans-country highway in Taiwan across the Xueshan Mountain Range; ramp designs for the Long Beach Freeway; and bridge approach designs for four state highway bridges in West Virginia.

My most memorable and fun project was for Maine DOT's scour investigation of over 250 state bridges that were susceptible to scour.  They were analyzed for scour depth and a remediation design prepared.  The largest bridge was Tukey's bridge in Portland.

My career has allowed me to work for three of the top 75 engineering companies in the US and hold positions of ownership in all three companies as Director of Engineering, Associate Vice President and Principal.

Professional Activities

Maine Section ASCE-Board member 1985-1991
Maine Section ASCE Past President 1990-1991
Maine Section APWA-Current board member 1998-2022
Maine Section APWA Past President
Civil Engineering Association Advisory Board, UMaine 2000-2022

Funny Stories

I have always maintained that I have only sat at three desks my whole career but, worked at eight companies.

Hunter-Ballew/TY Lin International
Environmental Engineering & Remediation/Aquarion Engineering Services/Edwards and Kelsey/Jacobs
Oak Engineers/Ransom Consulting

Most Rewarding Career Moment

My most rewarding career moment was being asked by UMaine Civil Engineering Department to sit on the Civil Engineering Association Advisory Board to review student curriculum, advise academic staff and participate in the ABET certification process.  Being recognized as an engineer that has had the life experience to advise students was very rewarding to me.


Golf, bowling and motorcycling