Every four years, the Maine Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers provides a comprehensive assessment which results in the Report Card for Maine’s Infrastructure. The purpose of the report card is to raise public awareness of the importance of modern and well-maintained infrastructure.

Maine’s infrastructure cannot be taken for granted and requires on-going maintenance and continuous planning. We believe discussion of the issues detailed in the Report Cards will lead to a greater understanding of the current and future needs of our state, prompting decision makers in our communities, the state legislature, and our congressional delegation to formulate policies and provide the necessary funding to address our infrastructure needs.

The 2020 report card, with national context, is on the National Infrastructure Report Card website.

A replay of the live announcement event can be watched on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3634548776602396

The full video presentation of Maine's 2020 Report Card is available on YouTube.

Photos from the live announcement event:



Full Report Card PDF Downloads


2020:  The overall grade is C-

2016:  The overall grade was C-

2012:  The overall grade was C-

2008:  The overall grade was C-