February Joint Meeting - Section and Geo-Institute

Thursday, February 15, 2024 - 06:00 PM
Battling the Elements at Elevation 11,160 feet
This presentation discusses the challenges we encountered in design and construction of micro-piles and tiebacks at 11,160 feet on the summit of Lone Peak Mountain in Big Sky, MT. Condon-Johnson and Associates, Inc. (CJA) was hired to design and build the foundation system of the new ski tram structure – soon to become the flagship of the most technologically advanced lift system in North America.

At this elevation, the ground is permanently frozen and is covered in snow during 10 months of the year. Storms roll in with little to no warning, and the oxygen levels are less than 14% (versus 21% at sea-level). There are no roads to top of the mountain, and all access is provided via helicopters.

CJA had to come up with innovative solutions to excavate over 2000 yards of rock, remove massive amount of snow, and tackle logistical issues of transporting drill rigs, equipment and material to top of the mountain. CJA was able to install over 40 heavy duty micro-piles and tiebacks - embedded into the frozen ground - that will support the future structures against over-turning, rotation and sliding off the mountain.

Speaker: Ty Jahn, P.E.

Ty Jahn is the Mountain West/Aloha Area Manager for Condon-Johnson & Associates. Ty has dedicated his career to small diameter limited access geotechnical drilling projects, showcasing his expertise in the field. A proud graduate of Montana Tech with a Masters in Structural Engineering, Ty is a registered Professional Engineer in multiple states.

Ty's contributions extend beyond the project site; he has authored several published papers and earned recognition in prestigious publications like DFI and ADSC magazines. His commitment to professional excellence is evident in his past role as the ASCE Seattle Geotechnical Group's President and his founding presidency of the ASCE Montana Geotechnical Group.


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