Kitsap Branch

The Kitsap Branch serves members of the Seattle Section who live and/or work to the west of Seattle in the Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap, and Mason counties.

Leadership Officers Needed

The Kitsap Branch is currently looking for motivated individuals to be part of the Kitsap Branch Board starting from October 2023 until September 2024. We have the officer positions of President and Secretary/Treasurer open. 

The 2023-2024 Kitsap Branch Board will help continue to grow the Branch through member engagement and providing value to its members through events and communications such as membership meetings, email newsletters, and other means which the Kitsap Branch Board envisions as paths for growth to continue the momentum for this established Branch. 

The leadership positions will include the full support from the Seattle Section Board and its resources, leadership training opportunities for the new officers, and Society (ASCE National) level resources and contacts. Prior experience in ASCE leadership positions is not required. Current 2022-2023 Kitsap Branch Board Members will support the new Board in the transition. Please contact Tony Nguyen, Director of Branches, at [email protected] for more information or any of the Kitsap Branch Officers.



Regular meetings to be determined.