Legislative Affairs Committee

The Seattle Section Legislative Committee's purpose is to advance the legislative interests of the Section and of the civil engineering profession in Washington State. Consistent with this purpose, the Legislative Committee collaborates with the Architects and Engineers Legislative Council (AELC) when the Washington State Legislature is in session. We provide input to the legislative process through AELC, review proposed legislation and comment on it with regards to its effect on the civil engineering profession, and may also be called upon to testify at legislative hearing or for other governmental committees. Additionally, the committee organize and participate in "grassroots" campaigns to pass or oppose legislation that impacts our profession, and conduct "Day on the Hill" events where our members meet face-to-face with the legislators.

Mike Wongkaew joined the committee as the new chair in April 2021. The immediate-term plan (by the end of Spring 2021) is to regularly update the committee web page to disseminate information, engage our members and recruit members to join the Committee. By the end of Summer 2021, we will re-start our monthly committee meetings, prepare and ready our committee for more proactive roles in AELC and 2022 legislative session, and develop a longer-term plan for the committee to lead, engage and support our members in the political process and government relations -- all of which are critical to our profession, safety of the public and prosperity of Washington state economy.

ASCE Seattle Section is searching for volunteers to assist with the Legislative Affairs Committee. The level of involvement can vary, and the tasks can include providing engineering input on current legislative issues to assisting with lobbying. If you are interested in joining us or have questions about what we do, please contact the section chair Mike Wongkaew.

Washington State Infrastructure Report Card

The purpose of the Report Card for Washington's Infrastructure is to offer the public and policymakers an easy to understand assessment of how our infrastructure is doing and what needs attention. The 2019 Report Card for Washington State was developed by a technical committee comprised of volunteer civil engineers from ASCE Washington Sections representing public agencies, private firms, and non-profit sectors.

The technical committee used a quantitative and qualitative approach to evaluate and grade infrastructure across ten categories in aviation, bridges, dams, drinking water, roads, schools, solid and hazardous waste, stormwater, transit, and wastewater. The latest Report Card for Washington's Infrastructure was released in 2019, and gave Washington's infrastructure a grade of C. The state report card will be updated every four years.

For more information please contact [email protected]

America's Infrastructure Report Card

Every family and business needs infrastructure to thrive - from our road to work, to our internet, to the pipes bringing clean water to our house. ASCE's' 2021 Report Card for America's Infrastructure, which gave America's infrastructure a grade of C-, puts the most comprehensive and clear reference available on America's infrastructure in your pocket. Complete with videos, state profiles, and interactive content, this app shows how your state's infrastructure is doing and what needs attention. Share how America raise the grades and along with any part of the app with friends, coworkers, LinkedIn groups, or even your elected officials.

ASCE Legislative & Regulatory Information Service

StateTrack by CQ Roll Call will provide us with the latest information on bills and regulatory items that ASCE's State Government Relations Staff is tracking in each state. We can access this platform at any time by visiting: ASCE State Legislative Tracking.

For key facts about the Washington state legislature, a list of Key Alerts that require your attention, as well as a news feed, please go directly to https://cqrcengage.com/asce/state/washington

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