Achievement in Civil Engineering (ACE) Awards


The 11th Annual Achievement in Civil Engineering (ACE) Awards will be held at the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville on Tuesday, May 22, 2018. CSCE invites engineering firms to submit an application and participate in this Awards event where CSCE will honor the design and construction achievements of Connecticut Civil Engineers. The ACE Awards commend projects on which significant engineering expertise or innovation was exhibited by Connecticut Engineers and especially CSCE members. The ACE Awards distinguish the projects, and thereby honor the overall contributions of numerous engineers and other team members. The five project categories in 2018 are Environment/Water Resources/Sustainability, Geotechnical, Planning, Structural, and Transportation. 

ACE Awards Application (Due Date: March 31, 2018)

The CSCE Board is also accepting nominations for the following ASCE Connecticut Section Individual Civil Engineering Awards (Due Date: March 31, 2018): 

Benjamin Wright Award

Civil Engineer of the Year (Public or Private)

Young Civil Engineer of the Year (Public or Private)

Civil Engineering Educator of the Year

Employer of the Year

These awards will be presented at the ACE Awards on May 22nd and will recognize ASCE/CSCE members for their outstanding contributions to the Civil Engineering profession. 

Student Awards (Due Date: March 1st)


CSCE's Civil Engineering/Construction Scholarship assists Connecticut residents in civil engineering or construction-related programs. Please click here for more information.


CSCE's Civil Engineering/Civil Technology Student Scholarship provides an incentive award that is within the reach of every average, hard working civil engineering student. Please click here for more information.

$$ Outstanding Civil Engineering Student Award $$

CSCE recognizes outstanding civil engineering students in ASCE Student Chapters in Connecticut. Please click here for more information.