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General Information For OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUAL Nominations
Individual awards are given for those who demonstrate outstanding achievement in the field of civil engineering. The award is to honor those who advance the field of civil engineering through innovative concepts, research, and materials, who inspire leadership in the field, and who promote integrity and moral excellence. The award categories and the qualifications for each are listed below.

Individual Categories and Qualifications

Excellence in Journalism
Lifetime Achievement Award
Outstanding ASCE Branch Officer
Outstanding ASCE Faculty Advisor
Outstanding ASCE Life Member
Outstanding ASCE Practitioner Advisor
Outstanding ASCE Section Officer
Outstanding Civil Engineer in Community Service
Outstanding Civil Engineer in Legislative Activities
Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Private Sector
Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Public Sector
Outstanding Civil Engineering Student
Outstanding YMF Officer
Outstanding Younger Civil Engineer
State Legislator of the Year

General Information For CIVIL ENGINEERING PROJECT Nominations
Civil Engineering achievement within the San Diego Section area is recognized annually by the selection of "Outstanding Civil Engineering Projects." The basis for the awards is an engineering project that demonstrates the greatest engineering skills and represents the greatest contribution to civil engineering progress and mankind.

The awards are given for projects, not to individuals or firms, to recognize the many engineers who have contributed to the projects. However the Civil Engineer of Record and the Owner must be noted in the application.

Project Categories

Outstanding Airports and Ports Project
Outstanding Architectural Engineering Project
Outstanding Bikeways and Trails Project
Outstanding Bridge Project
Outstanding Community Improvement Project
Outstanding Construction Project
Outstanding Energy Project
Outstanding Environmental Engineering Project
Outstanding Flood Management Project
Outstanding Geotechnical Project
Outstanding Historical Renovation Project
Outstanding Parks and Recreation Project
Outstanding Roadway and Highway Project
Outstanding Seismic Retrofit Project
Outstanding Small Project
Outstanding Structural Engineering Project
Outstanding Sustainable Engineering Project
Outstanding Transportation Project
Outstanding Urban or Land Development Project
Outstanding Water Project
Outstanding Water/Wastewater Treatment Project

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Judging is done by a jury comprised of Past Presidents of the Section, Life Members, individuals selected by the Section Vice President, and/or Executive Section Board members.

The Awards are made by action of the Section Executive Board upon recommendation of the jury. Any recommendation to the Board must be supported by a majority vote of the jury.

The Executive Section Board determines eligibility of projects other than those fitting the specific categories as listed in the "Project Categories and Qualifications" section.

Additional awards may be purchased upon request and will be delivered after the awards event in 2018.

In addition to the winning projects, the jury may select additional outstanding accomplishments for recognition.

Eligibility For All Submittals
Nominees must be a current member of the ASCE San Diego Section.

Got questions?: please call Trish Pietrzak, Section Manager at 310-995-9800

The San Diego Section Project Awards Banquet will be held at lunchtime on April 26, 2019. Further details on this event will be announced soon.