Report Card

The 2020 ASCE Wisconsin Infrastructure Report Card is now available here!

Over 50 ASCE members have voluntarily co-authored the report. The 2020 report issues grades for the following infrastructure sectors: Aviation, Bridges, Dams, Drinking Water, Energy, Hazardous Waste, Inland Waterways, Ports, Roads, Solid Waste, Stormwater, Transit, and Wastewater.

Access to reliable, resilient, safe infrastructure improves the quality of life and “sets the table” for sustainable economic growth. The purpose of the report card is to provide Wisconsin citizens and lawmakers with an updated assessment and list of priorities within the state. Additionally, it is intended to serve as an advocacy tool to encourage smart public and private investments in Wisconsin's  infrastructure. 

Now that the Wisconsin Infrastructure Report Card is released, however, we are not done. We will be starting the second phase of the Report Card. We will need volunteers to help us contact local officials to inform them about our infrastructure needs. If you are interested in helping inform local officials, please attend the Annual Meeting on September 18. The General Session will be about the Wisconsin Infrastructure Report Card as well as an information session on how to provide the Report Card information to your local officials.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Jennifer ( or Ken (