Below are opportunities in our area which may interest you. We provide this page free of charge to local companies/organizations. No postings will be allowed that are forwarded to us through a recruiting or headhunter service. Check back regularly for updates.

Project Manager Transportation - OHM (Akron)

Project Engineer in Transportation - OHM (Akron)

Traffic Engineer - Carpenter Marty (Columbus)

Roadway Engineer - Carpenter Marty (Columbus, Cincinnati & Charleston)

Design Engineer - Carpenter Marty (Columbus)

Bridge Engineer 1 and Bridge Engineer 2 - Carpenter Marty

Director of Water Wastewater Services - Carpenter Marty (Columbus)

Survey Technician - Carpenter Marty (Columbus)

Intern Co-op - Carpenter Marty (Columbus, Cincinnati & Charleston)

Assistant City Engineer - City of Ravenna 

Transportation Engineer - Halles Engineering & Design

Senior Structural Engineer - Wheaton Sprague