Welcome to the Central Illinois Section of ASCE!


The Central Illinois Section of ASCE is comprised of three branches, including the East, West, and Illinois Valley Branch. Most of the direct interaction with members in the Central Illinois Section is at the Branch level and our goal at Section is to support our Branch board members in their efforts to serve their local engineering communities in the best way possible.

We serve as a connector between the three branches, and to the ASCE National organization as well, throughout the year. Quarterly board of directors' meetings are held in coordination with each branch on a rotating basis in Champaign, Peoria and Springfield. Branch board members are encouraged to attend Section board meetings to discuss their local events, meetings, concerns and to participate in an exchange of ideas.

Every fall, the Section brings all the Branches together at our Central Illinois Annual Meeting and Banquet [Link Under Construction]. At the banquet we give the branches an update on the state of the Section and elect new officers for the next term. We also present our Annual Awards for the previous year.

These awards include the Civil Engineer of the Year, Government Civil Engineer of the Year, and Young Civil Engineer of the Year in addition to the Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement award. The OCEA is given to honor the project from the past year that best illustrates superior civil engineering skills and represents a significant contribution to civil engineering progress and to society as a whole.

Members from all branches are encouraged to become active and to participate on the Section board of directors and may contact any members of the board of directors for more information.


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Central Illinois Section Board of Directors


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