The Mississippi Section of ASCE was founded in 1969 and currently has almost 1,000 active members from all disciplines and sectors of civil engineering. The Section is divided into four branches including the Jackson Branch, Vicksburg Branch, North Mississippi Branch and Gulf Coast Branch. The Section also includes three student chapters at Jackson State University, Mississippi State University and the University of Mississippi.




The Section hosts an annual meeting in the Fall, and the individual branches and student chapters host numerous meetings and events throughout the year to provide our membership opportunities for continuing education or PDH’s, networking and fellowship. Opportunities to speak, exhibit and sponsor at these events are available and are an excellent way to gain exposure to our membership. The Section annually recognizes the individual excellence of professionals and students through scholarships and awards such the Young Engineer of the Year and Engineer of the Year awards.

2023 Mississippi Section Officers

Officers for the 2023 term were elected at the 2022 Section Meeting.  

Section Leadership for 2023:

Michael Joyner - President
Mariette Wientjes- President-Elect
Hannah Prater - Treasurer
Christina Kemp - Secretary
Tyler Hartman - Younger Member Chair
Daniel Harder - Director
Edith Martinez-Guerra - Director
Jennifer Sloan Ziegler - Director

Congratulations to all of our officers!

Present and past officers are organized below by service year. 

ASCE Mississippi Section Officers
2023 Michael Joyner Mariette Wientjes Hannah Prater Christina Kemp Tyler Hartman Daniel Harder Edith Martinez-Guerra Jennifer Sloan Ziegler
2022 Daniel Harder Michael Joyner Hannah Prater Skylar Jones Christina Kemp Edith Martinez-Guerra Jennifer Sloan Ziegler Austin Moore
2021 Edith Martinez-Guerra Daniel Harder Sarah McEwen Hannah Prater  Skylar Jones Jennifer Sloan Ziegler Austin Moore Steven Worley
2020 Jennifer Sloan Ziegler Edith Martinez-Guerra Sarah McEwen Janis Dinardo Skylar Jones Austin Moore Steven Worley Jacob Forrester
2019 Austin Moore Jennifer Sloan-Ziegler Will Pentecost Luke Gurtowski Sarah Smith McEwen Steven Worley Jacob Forrester Shawn Wozencraft
2018 Steven Worley Austin Moore Will Pentecost Luke Pettersen Jennifer Sloan-Ziegler Jacob Forrester Shawn Wozencraft Shelly Watson
2017 Jacob Forrester Steven Worley Will Pentecost Austin Moore Jennifer Sloan-Ziegler Shawn Wozencraft Shelly Watson Dustin Pittman
2016 Shawn Wozencraft Jacob Forrester Will Pentecost Steven Worley Jennifer Sloan-Ziegler Shelly Watson Dustin Pittman Katie Wimberly
2015 Shelly Watson Shawn Wozencraft Jacob Forrester Wayne Black Trey Triplett Dustin Pittman Katie Wimberly Quincy Alexander
2014 Dustin Pittman Shelly Watson Jacob Forrester Wayne Black Trey Triplett Katie Wimberly Quincy Alexander Billy Grantham
2013 Katie Wimberly Dustin Pittman Shelly Watson Jacob Forrester Dustin Pittman Quincy Alexander Billy Grantham Brian Nettles
2012 Quincy Alexander Katie Wimberly Shelly Watson Jeff Williams Dustin Pittman Billy Grantham Brian Nettles Brad Ormon
2011 Billy Grantham Quincy Alexander Allen Taylor Shelly Watson Dustin Pittman Brian Nettles Brad Ormon Amber Cutcliff
2010 Brian Nettles Billy Grantham Allen Taylor Jonathan Griffin Glen Ulrick Brad Ormon Amber Cutcliff Chad Gartrell
2009 Brad Ormon Brian Nettles Acey Roberts Allen Taylor Glen Ulrick Amber Cutcliff Chad Gartrell Jackie Pettway
2008 Amber Cutcliff Brad Ormon Acey Roberts Lucy Priddy Brandon Rut Chad Gartrell Jackie Pettway Thomas Henderson
2007 Chad Gartrell Amber Cutcliff Brad Ormon Lucy Priddy
Jackie Pettway Thomas Henderson Jeb Tingle
2006 Jackie Pettway Chad Gartrell Brad Ormon Lucy Priddy
Thomas Henderson Jeb Tingle Tommy Dunlap
2005 Thomas Henderson Jackie Pettway Chad Gartrell Chad Gartrell Amber Cutcliff Jeb Tingle Tommy Dunlap
2004 Jeb Tingle Thomas Henderson Chad Gartrell Chad Gartrell Amber Cutcliff Tommy Dunlap
2003 Tommy Dunlap Jeb Tingle Chad Gartrell Chad Gartrell Amber Cutcliff