Dr. Eldred Harrington Scholarships

Dr. Eldred Harrington Scholarships are awarded by the New Mexico Section twice annually to civil engineering students at each of New Mexico’s universities with civil engineering programs; UNM, NMSU and NM Tech. The Dr. Harrington Scholarship recipients are selected by their civil engineering department faculty in recognition of high moral character, financial need, scholastic rating and sociability. In order to receive the scholarship students must select an article from Dr. Harrington’s book, An Engineer Writes about People, Places and Projects, and then write a short summary on the article. Dr. Harrington Papers

This is a way of reminding New Mexico Section members of the great impact that Dr. Harrington had on the engineering community in New Mexico. Dr. Eldred Harrington (1902-1980) was known for both his ability to tell a fascinating story and for his expertise as a civil engineer. He was a man of varied interests; a dedicated student and teacher, having earned degrees in civil engineering, chemistry, geology, and education; author of nearly 400 magazine articles and five books; and an enthusiastic motorcyclist with a preference for ex-police Harley Davidsons. As stated by former UNM president Tom L. Popejoy; “When Dr. Harrington writes of engineering, he writes with the authority both of an engineer and a scientist. When he comments on the history of New Mexico, he does so from the vantage point of a man who has traveled extensively over the state and who has closely studied its people and their culture and traditions. When he reminisces about his personal experiences, he writes with grace and humor. The satisfaction of a full and interesting life are authentically reflected.”

As a student and teacher at Albuquerque High School, two of his major teaching endeavors began; The Dawn Patrol and the Envoys of Science. The Envoys were groups of well trained, self-disciplined students  ho visited other schools to put on demonstrations. The Dawn Patrol captured the imagination; from 1932 to 1955 Dr. Harrington proved that the 3-1/2 hours in the morning before school started could be used for encouraging students by giving them quality education in chemistry and physics. For twenty-three years his dawn class averaged twenty students per day, five days per week for a total of 432 students. There were no entrance requirements, anyone who wanted to come was welcome. Only  about a dozen of the over 400 students were not graduated from college. Over seventy earned doctoral degrees and over 100 became engineers. His achievements qualify Dr. Harrington for a place of honor among the engineering profession.


Elvidio Diniz, P.E. UNM Water Resources Scholarship

The Elvidio Diniz, P.E. UNM Water Resources Scholarship will be awarded by the ASCE New Mexico Section annually to a civil engineering student at UNM with a demonstrated interest in water resources. Elvidio Diniz (1946-2014) was born in Goa, India and grew up in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. He came to the U.S. in 1964 to attend Catholic University in Washington, D.C. where he earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. He then obtained his master’s degree in water resources from UNM in 1970. After working in Texas and Albuquerque as a civil engineer, Elvido started Resource Technologies, Inc. in 1981, providing consulting engineering services specializing in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, floodplain mapping, and erosion and sediment control studies. In addition to his contributions to the New Mexico engineering community as a practicing engineer, Elvidio also promoted civil engineering as a Diplomat of the American Academy of Water Resource Engineers, a Region 6 Governor for ASCE, an officer in the ASCE NM Section, an adjunct instructor at UNM, and a science fair judge.

To further advance the principles that Elvidio lived by, integrity, professionalism and mentorship, the Elvidio Diniz, P.E. UNM Water Resources Scholarship was established through donations from colleagues, friends and family to help foster the next generation of engineers. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a foreign-born civil engineering student at UNM with a demonstrated interest in water resources. As determined by the UNM Civil Engineering Department faculty, the student will have a demonstrated interest in water resources, be of excellent moral character, and be active in extracurricular activities related to civil engineering.


Outstanding Civil Engineering Senior Awards

Outstanding Civil Engineering Senior Awards are presented by the New Mexico Section twice annually to senior civil engineering students at each of New Mexico’s three universities with civil engineering programs; UNM, NMSU and NM Tech. Students are selected for this award by the faculty of their civil engineering department in recognition of the high degree of scholarship attained during college coursework in Civil Engineering and active involvement in their ASCE Student Chapter. The New Mexico Section presents each recipient a certificate and pays full registration fees for two New Mexico Section conferences. In accepting the award, it is hoped that recipients will retain active membership with ASCE and the New Mexico Section, and will accept the advanced grades of membership that are offered with continued growth in years and in professional experience.