CTG - TSX Broadway Development/Palace Theatre Lift

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Friday, January 27, 2023 - 12:00 PM

The TSX Broadway development in Times Square/New York City will provide a 550K sf, 48-story tower which will offer over 650 hotel rooms and entertainment space on the site of the Palace Theatre. This will require raising the Theatre from ground level to a new elevation approximately 30 feet above grade and excavating below ground level to create up to 75K sf of new usable space. The Theatre's interiors are registered as a New York City Historic Landmark, but not its exterior. Through coordinated historic preservation and engineering effort, the Theatre will be elevated and a new lobby created below it that reactivates historic entrances as well as more efficient guest facilities and back-of-house theatre operations space. These new elements are all designed to enhance the theatre-going experience for guests.


William Mandara, Jr., AIA, Mancini Duffy

Joseph Levi, Pavarini McGovern



Virtual, via Zoom