Welcome to ASCE Philadelphia's new Virtual Webinar Library FAQ!

This page has answers to some of our frequently asked questions, and hopefully can get you started on enjoying your PDH-worthy webinars!

Visit virtual.asce-philly.org to view our webinar library.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I received an email from Teachable.com...

You just have to log into the virtual.asce-philly.org website. If you're new to Teachable.com, you also should have received an account confirmation email. Log into the site, and you should see all your available webinars!

I'm an ASCE Member. Can I view the recorded webinars for free?

Yes! If you are a dues-paying Philadelphia Section member, you should have received an email from Teachable.com, confirming your enrollment in our webinar series. If you didn't receive this email, or don't have access, the next step is to fill out this Google form, and we'll get back to you.

Do I need to enter my Credit Card info to watch a webinar?

Not if you're a Philadelphia member! All members have full access to all recorded webinars. Only non-members who are purchasing access to courses will need to enter their credit card information.

What's the difference between "All recorded webinars" and the individual courses?

"All recorded webinars" is a bundle that all Philadelphia members get access to, and includes everything in our course. The individual courses are meant for purchase by non-members, similar to our Section meetings.

I'm an ASCE Member, but not the Philadelphia Section.

At this time, we are only offering free access to our webinar library to dues-paying Philadelphia Section members ($35/year, in addition to ASCE membership). If you'd like to join the Philadelphia Section (you can be part of more than one Section!) and gain access to our webinar library, visit www.asce.org, and log in to manage your account and add Philadelphia dues to your membership. Don't forget to notify us once you do so we can give you access to the library!

I used to have access to this Library but no longer do. What happened?

This probably indicates that your membership with the Section has not yet been renewed, and we have temporarily suspended your access. Once your membership is renewed and your Section dues are paid, access will be restored.

I'm not an ASCE member, but I'd like to join.

You can become and ASCE member by visiting www.asce.org/join and following the registration instructions. Make sure to select the Philadelphia Section as your local section, and to include your dues in your payment! Also, don't forget to notify us once you do so we can give you access to the library.

I'm not an ASCE member, but I'd just like to watch one of your webinars and earn a PDH.

Simple! Just visit virutal.asce-philly.org, and purchase the webinar you're interested in. Each individual webinar is $15, and if you'd like to get access to our entire webinar library (past and future) for a whole year, there is a $70 bundle for 1-year access.

When will new webinars be posted?

Our goal is to have webinars online and available to members for viewing within two weeks of their live event. Check our courses page to see which webinars are available now by visiting https://virtual.asce-philly.org/courses.

How do I earn and view my PDH's?

Once you watch 90% of the webinar video (no skipping, but you can return any time), you'll be brought to a 4-question quiz. You need to get a 75% on the quiz to earn your PDH, and you get three tries to pass. Once you pass, a link to your PDH certificate will be emailed to you, and also it will be accessible on the Teachable.com website, in your account. You will be able to access these PDH certificates as long as you maintain your Teachable.com account!

What happens if I fail my quiz three times?

You will need to contact us to reset your quiz count, and watch the webinar again. You will remain enrolled in the course and have access to the webinar. Email us at [email protected] to start this process.

I have an issue not covered by this FAQ. Help!

No problem! We're here to help. Please contact us at [email protected], and we'll get you the assistance you require.