Welcome to the inland empire section of the American Society of Civil Engineers

Welcome to ASCE Inland Empire Section's website whos purpose is to enable effective communication with our members that now exceeds 500 persons. It can be used to find upcoming meetings, classes, events, contacts, newsletters, and resources.

We do many exciting activities such as:

  • Lunch and Learn Meetings, normally held on the third Thursday of the month, 
  • Annual Banquet typically held in January,
  • Section and Technical Committees sponsored workshops where the revenue is used to award scholarships to college engineering students.
  • WSDOT Adopt-A-Highway program. We have adopted two miles of Interstate 90 just West of Spokane where we do litter pick up service about three times a year. Volunteers are always welcome.

Feel free to explore our site, and if you would like to contact us please do so by utilizing the Contact Us form in the ABOUT tab above.




ASCE Collaborate

ASCE has a Web Forum called ASCE Collaborate established to enable communication by various topics and by Sections.

ASCE Leadership Training Committie has developed training videos available here.

Membership Renewal

Login to your account at www.asce.org and select the "Renew Now" button on your My Account landing page. For the Renewal Items, ASCE Membership Dues and Inland Empire Section Dues, must be selected as a minimum. Additionally, ensure your email address is up to date in order to receive emails for ASCE-IE activities.