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Calling All Volunteers! It’s PA Infrastructure Report Card Time Again!

Jason D. Bowes has stepped up to Chair the committee for the 2018 Report Card for Pennsylvania's Infrastructure and he needs volunteers to make the 2018 Report Card happen. The target areas for the Report Card include: Dams, Drinking Water, Hazardous Waste, Levees, Solid Waste, Waste Water, Aviation, Bridges, Inland Waterways, Ports, Rail, Roads, Transit, Parks and Recreation, Schools and Energy. Each category will need a Champion and group of team members that will conduct the research and analysis for their topic.

James is looking for both ASCE members and non-members to step-up to be either a Champion or a subject area volunteer. The Champions should be ASCE Members in good standing who are active in one of the PA ASCE Sections with an interest in their respective target area. The anticipated time commitment for champions is about 4 to 8 hours per month. The subject area volunteers will work with these champions to complete the necessary work within each target area. We also would like to see involvement by students and Younger Members.

If interested in helping with the Report Card in some fashion. Please fill out the following survey, which will help track our volunteer pool, by Clicking Here.

Please reach out to Jason Bowes at jbowes@gpinet.com or 570-703-0458 for more information or with any questions.

Centennial Books Have Arrived!

The books have arrived! Books will be sold at the upcoming Spring Social and can be ordered (and shipped) via this link:

Order your copy of the ASCE Philadelphia Centennial Book here!

Orders will be processed monthly.

Notice: Philadelphia Section New Mailing Address

This summer the Engineers’ Club closed its office and will be using its own Post Office Box, which will not be available to other societies as it has in the past. We thank the Club for its assistance with this over the years. Accordingly, Urban Engineers has generously offered to be our “mail drop” for the foreseeable future.

We would suggest that you continue to reach us through our website (www.asce-philly.org) and our e-mail address, info@asce-philly.org, as you need. If you must send us hard copy (non-financial) items, please direct them as follows:

ASCE Philadelphia Section
c/o Urban Engineers, Inc.
530 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Beginning this season, if you’re paying by check to attend Section dinner meetings, please include 1) a copy of receipt generated when registering for the event with your check 2) the event name in the check’s memo. Checks can be mailed to:

Jen Reigle
Pennoni Associates
1900 Market Street
Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19103

As a reminder, if you opt to reserve for a Section meeting or event through our website, and would prefer to pay by check, you can certainly bring your check to the meeting and pay at the door. There will be no “at the door” penalty for reservations made by the deadline in this instance.

ASCE Call for Volunteers - Philadelphia Section Committees 

We are looking for motivated volunteers to support/lead our various committees.  As you can see from below, there is no shortage of options.

- Scholarship
Public Info/Relations
Section History and Heritage
Legislative Affairs
Government Employee Outreach
Humphrey Fund
Delaware Valley Science Fair Judging
Engineers Week Programing
Professional Development/Continuing Education
OTHER (Is there something you want the Section to focus on? – Let us Know!)

If you are interested in joining any of the above committees or just want to learn about what these committees are all about please contact our Section Membership Secretary, Nha Truong (Nha.Truong@phila.gov) or our Section President, Guy DiMartino (gdimartino@trafficpd.com).

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Local News Story Features ASCE's Report Card for Pennsylvania's Infrastructure

In June of 2014, the Philadelphia Section, along with the other three Pennsylvania Sections, simultaneously released the 2014 Report Card for Pennsylvania’s Infrastructure across the state. Immediately after its release, the Report Card garnered a lot of publicity in the newspapers and on local television news reports. Even more recently, in November of 2014, the report card prepared at the national level received a lot of attention by way of a story that aired on CBS 60 minutes. Shortly after that story aired, the Philadelphia Section was contacted by a local reporter to do a story that discusses the infrastructure needs of Pennsylvania. Having recently completed the PA Report Card, the Philadelphia Section was able to work with NBC Philadelphia to provide some technical expertise related to infrastructure.

Here is a video that NBC Philadelphia ran on February 12, 2015 that looks at the issues surrounding Pennsylvania’s structurally deficient bridges. To read the full article, visit NBC's website by clicking here: Bad Bridges Slow Response Time for Firefighters.


2014 Report Card on PA's Infrastructure - Press Release Announcement

The 2014 Report Card for Pennsylvania's Infrastructure was officially released at 12:01 AM on June 25, 2014. The PA Report Card assigns letter grades in several categories including transportation, public transit, water resources, and other important infrastructure topics relating to public safety and economic development. The Philadelphia Section held a press conference at 30th Street Station to release and discuss the Report Card.



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Presidents Message - Summer 2017




As the Philadelphia Section enters our 105th year, I am honored to serve as President of the largest engineering professional society in Philadelphia. Reflecting on this past ASCE season, the board under Guy DiMartino’s Presidency had many highlights including: selling out every section dinner meeting, publishing the Centennial Book, and hosting the premier of ASCE’s Dream Big Imax movie, in addition to our reoccurring professional development, student outreach and networking opportunities.

Although Guy and the outgoing board set the bar high, the following are three areas I would like to focus on improving during the 2017-2018 season:

  • Engaging New Volunteers – In addition to publicly recognizing our volunteers, we’ll be promoting the personal benefits our volunteers gain from participating with ASCE. Personally, I credit ASCE to giving me a jump start in my career to run teams of people, expanding my technical knowledge and building friendships. We’re currently looking for a volunteer to help sign in meeting attendees and a volunteer to take pictures of our meetings…contact me if you’re interested in helping.
  • Improving Internal Operations – We’ll be building off prior lessons learned, improving procedures to simplify the efforts of our volunteers and ending our board meetings by the start of cocktail hour.
  • Government Relations – We’ll be educating our members on politics related to civil engineering, so our members may feel more confident and inclined to speak up about their concerns. I challenge everyone to take actions each month to become more engaged in politics. Also, I can’t issue a challenge, without holding myself accountable, so in each of my president’s messages I’ll update you about my efforts.

Government Relations Update: In life, I like to tackle the biggest challenges first. For my first venture of becoming involved in politics involved me visiting state reps and senators in Harrisburg as part of ASCE’s Pennsylvania Legislative Day in May. There were multiple teams each consisting of four ASCE members from the commonwealth and a government strategy expert. We were briefed on the topics to cover and each group then met with 11 Senators/Representatives and/or their staff to promote Senate Bill 242 (a long-term extension of the PA One Call Requirement) and House Bills 913, 914 and 915 (clarifying that local municipalities may create a utility to regulate and manage stormwater runoff if they choose to do so). The team format and repetition of meetings, allowed newbies like myself to observe the conversations until I felt more comfortable to participate in the conversation…all while knowing others were ready to jump if needed. I also learned that the PA One Call requirement expires and that many municipalities are not using all the tools available to help fund stormwater infrastructure.

I hope you’re looking forward to this upcoming ASCE year as I am.

Cathy Golata Farrell, PE

President, ASCE Philadelphia Section

cgfarrell@hntb.com 610-290-5108