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Government and Policy Update

Starting this month, ASCE Philadelphia will be keeping all of us updated on Government and Policy issues that impact us, our professions, our projects, and our communities.

This month, ASCE is following the budget debate in Harrisburg, which as usual is contentious. For our full write-up by Spencer Finch, please visit our New Government and Policy Update Page!

Once you catch up on the happenings in Harrisburg, PLEASE contact your elected officials and let them know your opinion. It is as easy as one click and one email away: Contact your elected official.

If you would like more information, or would like help writing your message, please contact ASCE Philadelphia’s Government Affairs Team: Ann Tomalavage, Bob Wirght, or Spencer Finch.

Centennial Book!

Haven’t received your copy of the ASCE Philadelphia Section’s Centennial Book yet? Don’t miss out on your chance to order while supplies last. Preview pages from this book, as well as order the book by visiting our Centennial Book page!

New Check-In Procedure

ASCE Philadelphia Section will be conducting a new Check-In procedure at our upcoming dinner meeting. We will now have a express line for people that paid in advance (electronically via PayPal). All other payment types (Check or Pay at Door) will continue to check-in similar to the process in the past. Name tags for all attendees will be found in the dining area and not at the Check-in table. Less time outside to check-in equals more time to network inside. So please take advantage of our electronic payment system.

To implement this new procedure, it is prudent to bring your printed tickets with you. If you have not printed out ticket(s) for you and/or your guest, click on "View and print my ticket(s)" in your confirmation e-mail. If you have trouble downloading and printing your tickets, please contact Kazi M. Hassan at kazihassan@pennoni.com prior to the event.

For this event, we will not be accepting any ticket(s) on mobile devices, so please print out a hard copy of the ticket.

Thanks to Our Section Sponsors - Starting Our 27th Season!

When we first rolled out our sponsorship program at the start of the 1991-92 season, a total of nine “pioneer” firms participated:

  • BCM Engineers Inc.
  • Lippincott Engineering Associates
  • National Timber Piling Council
  • Pennoni Associates, Inc.
  • Pickering Corts & Summerson, Inc.
  • The RBA Group
  • Reutter Engineering
  • Temple University
  • J. Richard Weggel, PhD, PE

Some of these sound familiar, some are no longer. This season, we will enter our 27th year of the Section Sponsorship program. We ended last season with 14 firms participating as Section Sponsors and, thus far, 11 companies will be participating in 2017-18. We extend our special and collective THANKS to each sponsor for their financial commitment and support.

As a sponsor, your business card will appear in each edition of THE NEWS from October through May. Sponsor logos are displayed in a special Sponsors section of our website. Additionally, we provide direct links to sponsors’ own websites so prospective employees can review all available and up-to-date positions. We also offer sponsors the opportunity to have a “spotlight” article in an edition of THE NEWS.

If you would like to join, renew or come back after a few years away, we look forward to bringing you into the Section Sponsor fold. All this could be yours for a mere $300 for the season. The October edition of THE NEWS will feature the cards of all sponsors who commit by September 18.

Please contact Bob Wright at newseditor@asce-philly.org for more details.

Notice: Philadelphia Section New Mailing Address

This summer the Engineers’ Club closed its office and will be using its own Post Office Box, which will not be available to other societies as it has in the past. We thank the Club for its assistance with this over the years. Accordingly, Urban Engineers has generously offered to be our “mail drop” for the foreseeable future.

We would suggest that you continue to reach us through our website (www.asce-philly.org) and our e-mail address, info@asce-philly.org, as you need. If you must send us hard copy (non-financial) items, please direct them as follows:

ASCE Philadelphia Section
c/o Urban Engineers, Inc.
530 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Beginning this season, if you’re paying by check to attend Section dinner meetings, please include 1) a copy of receipt generated when registering for the event with your check 2) the event name in the check’s memo. Checks can be mailed to:

Jen Reigle
Pennoni Associates
1900 Market Street
Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19103

As a reminder, if you opt to reserve for a Section meeting or event through our website, and would prefer to pay by check, you can certainly bring your check to the meeting and pay at the door. There will be no “at the door” penalty for reservations made by the deadline in this instance.

Special Offer on ASCE webinars for Philadelphia Section Members

Did you know that as a Philadelphia Section member you get a discount on ASCE National Webinars? Plus some of the registration fee comes back to help fund other Section activities!

Live Webinars: http://mylearning.asce.org/diweb/catalog/t/2125/c/79

ASCE's live webinars provide cost-effective training for large and small groups. Use Promo Code WEBPHISEC to secure your preferred rate.

On-Demand Webinars: http://mylearning.asce.org/diweb/catalog/t/2135/c/79

ASCE's on-demand webinars provide real-world knowledge and convenient delivery to fit your demanding schedule. Use Promo Code WEBPHISEC to secure your preferred rate.

Local News Story Features ASCE's Report Card for Pennsylvania's Infrastructure

In June of 2014, the Philadelphia Section, along with the other three Pennsylvania Sections, simultaneously released the 2014 Report Card for Pennsylvania’s Infrastructure across the state. Immediately after its release, the Report Card garnered a lot of publicity in the newspapers and on local television news reports. Even more recently, in November of 2014, the report card prepared at the national level received a lot of attention by way of a story that aired on CBS 60 minutes. Shortly after that story aired, the Philadelphia Section was contacted by a local reporter to do a story that discusses the infrastructure needs of Pennsylvania. Having recently completed the PA Report Card, the Philadelphia Section was able to work with NBC Philadelphia to provide some technical expertise related to infrastructure.

Here is a video that NBC Philadelphia ran on February 12, 2015 that looks at the issues surrounding Pennsylvania’s structurally deficient bridges. To read the full article, visit NBC's website by clicking here: Bad Bridges Slow Response Time for Firefighters.



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President's Message - May 2018




Dear Section Members,

As the 2017-2018 ASCE season ends, I’d like to look in the rear-view mirror of this past year. At the on-set of the season, I had challenged the Board to focus on improving for our Section’s 105th year. Thanks to the Board’s efforts, here’s the progress we made on those areas:

  • Engaging New Volunteers - When we put the call out for new volunteers, our Section exceeded my expectations by how many volunteered and how much time they dedicated! Mike DeVuono, Greg Dunn, Tania O’Kane and Wenjing (Wendy) Yang consistently ran our dinner meeting check-in table. Pat McCourt and Walt King served on our Financial Audit Committee. Lindsay Chateauvert and Assunta Daprano became regular contributors to The News. Cricket Slattery has helped on the Section and state-wide levels with the 2018 Pennsylvania Report Card on Infrastructure. Thanks to Kevin Brown, he furthered this initiative by creating a “member spotlight” to recognize our volunteers during dinner meetings and in our newsletters. Kevin strategically highlighted those that volunteer with the Section, our Technical Groups, and the national organization to show there’s a variety of ways to volunteer with ASCE.
  • Improving Operations - Our Board worked diligently on multiple fronts to deliver on this goal. Kazi Hassan streamlined our dinner check-in process to eliminate the long lines from previous seasons. Jen Reigle led the way to create the framework for a team of non-Board members to conduct our Section’s first Financial Audit in recent memory. Briana Earle worked with our Board members to create a depository for standard operating procedures and to create an organizational chart to show our structure for our over 40 Board/committee positions. Bob Wright gave our Section newsletter a refresh by introducing blue font and lines for easier reading with more pictures (which did require a little more work for our webmaster Joe Natale). I also am also thankful for the courage of our Board to have our Section’s first Members and Sponsors Only dinner meeting…which was sold out! And if these accomplishments weren’t enough, our Board meetings ended earlier so we could enjoy our networking hour.
  • Government Relations - Spencer Finch wholeheartedly educated our members with updates to state and federal political happenings though our email blasts, newsletter and Section dinner meetings. In addition, each month as part of my newsletter President’s Message, I wrote about my personal attempts to educate myself about politics. I hope this inspired you to become more involved with government relations (or anything else for that matter, to see that small incremental attempts to go outside of your comfort zone can add up over time).

In addition to the above initiatives, the Section also identified multi-year endeavors to advance. Angelo Waters led the committee to create a mural to recognize civil engineering accomplishments. Recognizing the impact of the YMF’s CivE club, Joe Natale spearheaded the effort to explore the creation of a financial need based scholarship for high school seniors interested in engineering.

I would also like to thank our volunteers for their continued commitment to ASCE including: Angelo Waters for organizing our monthly Section dinner meetings that consisted of interesting presentations; Kazi Hassan for coordinating our PDHs and coordinating with our Technical Groups/Institutes and the YMF; Jennifer Reigle and Joe Natale for managing our finances; Briana Earle for her friendly reminders of the Section’s action items; Mohamed Elghawy for writing our bimonthly email blasts and recognizing our Life Members; Andrew Bechtel for running our college scholarships; Kevin Brown for recognizing our Past Presidents; Spencer Finch for his government relations updates; Joe Natale for keeping our website current; Troy Illig for coordinating with Maggiano’s and leading our Spring Social event; and Jeanien Wilson for her efforts to engage government employees with ASCE. I am also thankful for our volunteers in our Technical Groups/Institutes and the YMF. It’s because of their efforts, we’re able to bring together ASCE members from a variety of technical disciplines within the Philadelphia area. While there’s too many volunteers to note, I’d like to recognize their leaders: Nha Truong (YMF), Archie Filshill (DVGI), Joe Fazio (SEI), Dennis MacBride (Construction), Eric Lindhult (EWR), and William Thomsen (Transportation & Urban Development). Lastly, I would like to thank Bob Wright for his passion to selflessly serve ASCE. For years, Bob has provided mentorship to the Board and tackles some of the most challenging roles the Section has to offer.

On a final note…in November, I was asked to co-chair the 2018 Pennsylvania Report Card on Infrastructure. While my first inclination was to turn down this opportunity due to my current commitment as Section President, I remembered that I was surrounded by incredible people in the Philadelphia Section (and throughout the state), that I could depend upon to come up with new ideas and deliver upon them. When I took on co-chairing the Report Card, I was blown away at the support I got from the board when they happily took on various Presidential responsibilities since I was wearing two hats.

It’s been a wonderful experience serving the Section this year and thank you for the opportunity. I look forward to the great things the Section will do under Angelo’s leadership this upcoming season.


Cathy Golata Farrell, PE

President, ASCE Philadelphia Section

cgfarrell@hntb.com 610-290-5108