Student Chapter Awards

Congratulations to Timpthy Haddad from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Cadet James Baglino from United States Military Academy at West Point were recipients of the 2020 ASCE Mohawk-Hudson Outstanding Civil Engineering Student Award.


Congratulations to the recipients of the 2019 ASCE Mohawk-Hudson Outstanding Civil Engineering Student Award. Photo Below: LTC Jake Bruhl and COL Brad Wambeke present the ASCE award to CDT Brennan and CDT Drummond at the United States Military Academy West Point.

Left to Right: LTC Bruhl, CDT Brennan, CDT Drummond, COL Wambeke

Structural Engineering Awards

Distinguished Members

Francis E. Griggs, Jr., D.Eng., P.E., L.S., Dist.M.ASCE was formally inducted as a Distinguished Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers in October 2011 during the 141st Annual Civil Engineering Conference. Distinguished Membership is the highest award the Society may confer, second only to the title of ASCE President. Members or Fellows elected to this prestigious and highly selective list have attained acknowledged eminence in a branch of engineering or its related arts and sciences.


Col Stephen J. Ressler, Ph.D, P.E., Dist. M. ASCE is recognized for the advancement of engineering education and outreach through innovative use of information technology tools, and through the promotion of teaching improvement among civil engineering faculty. As a faculty member at the U.S. Military Academy, Colonel Ressler conceived and developed computer software which evolved into, and formed the basis for, the West Point Bridge Design Contest. Col Ressler was inducted as a Distinguished Member in 2005.


David T. Biggs, P.E., Dist. M.ASCE is recognized for his advancement of structural masonry engineering through innovative code development and engineering design and restoration, and the sharing of this knowledge through service and contributions to the public. Mr. Biggs has made major contributions to codes, standards and guidelines in the area of masonry design and construction. Mr. Biggs was inducted as a Distinguished Member in 2005.


Past Membership Awards


2020   Mark Kanonik 
2017   Don Adams
2015   Matt Yerkey
2013   Jeffrey Bak
2011   Jeffrey Marx
2010  Christopher Lesher
2008  Richard Bovee

2019 Christopher D. Snyder
2018  Julia Dockum
2017  Paul Byrd
2016  Ted Ranslow
2013  Stephan Godlewski
2012 Edward P. Larkin
2011  Christopher Carter
2010  Andrew Jensen
2009  Christina Douglas
2008  Jennifer Everleth


2020 Luke Thompson
2019 John C. Folts
2018  Barry Anctil
2017  Dave Emerich
2016  Jenny M. Lippmann
2015  Jennifer A. Everleth
2014  Christopher A. Lesher
2013  Carsten H. Floess
2013  Gary R. Dale
2012  Edwin K. Twiss
2011  Tammy Nosek
2010  Anthony DeFranco
2009  William Frank
2008  Francis E. Griggs, Jr.
2008  Robert Kamp
2007  Bert Weinberg
2006  Thomas Zimmie
2006  Thomas Jewell
2005  Mark Rusnica
2004  Angelo Trichilo
2003  Clay Morrissey