What is the ASCE?

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is the preeminent organization representing the Civil Engineering profession. Its mission is to provide essential value to its members and partners, advance the Civil Engineering profession, and serve the public. The ASCE facilitates the advancement of technology, encourages and provides the tools for lifelong learning, promotes professionalism, influences public policy, and develops and supports Civil Engineer leadership. We also advocate for investment in infrastructure, promotes the adoption of sustainable practices and seek to raise the bar on engineering knowledge and competency.

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Current ASCE Puerto Rico Board Goals:

  • Improve Puerto Rico's Infrastructure through a different series of activities and initiatives.
  • Initiatives include the 2019 ASCE PR Infrastructure Report Card, public policy advocacy, and more.
  • Provide professional development courses to our members. This will help advance our profession by providing technical information to our members.
  • Expand our ASCE PR Section presence and membership in the government, private industry, and professional organizations.


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