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DVGI Webinar "Seismic Updates to 2018 IBC"

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 - 12:00pm

Seismic requirements in the 2018 International Building Code (IBC) are based on ASCE 7-16. Many states have either adopted or are in the process of adopting 2018 IBC. Changes in seismic requirements in 2018 IBC are significant compared to the previous code version and these changes may significantly impact the scope and cost of geotechnical design for some parts of the country. Architects, Engineers, Developers, and Owners need to be aware of the impacts the seismic changes in the building code will have on their projects. This presentation will provide the details of these changes in the seismic requirements and how they can impact geotechnical recommendations.

Dr. Zafir is the national practice leader and chief engineer for the seismic and geotechnical earthquake engineering at Kleinfelder. Dr. Zafir has more than 35 years of experience in the field of geotechnical and earthquake engineering and research. Dr. Zafir serves as the vice chair of Technical Committee 01 of ASCE 7 Seismic Subcommittee (SSC) which updated Chapters 11, 20, and 21 of ASCE 7-16. Dr. Zafir is also a Governor appointed member of the California State Mining and Geology Board which oversees California Geological Survey (CGS) Seismic Hazard Mapping (SHM) Program. Dr. Zafir serves on many ASCE national code committees including ASCE 7, ASCE 4, ASCE 43, ASCE 61, and serves as the chair of ASCE 1. He is also a member of the Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics (EESD) committee of the Geo-Institute of ASCE. Dr. Zafir has been actively involved on seismic hazard evaluations and seismic retrofit for renowned national and international projects. He has published and presented more than forty technical papers in international journals and conferences. He has also been an invited speaker at universities and professional engineering associations across the US.


Zia Zafir, PhD, P.E. (Kleinfelder)


12:00 PM


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