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EWR Presents: PennDOT Stormwater Control Measures Maintenance and Inspection Program (1 PDH)

Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 5:30pm

PennDOT installs Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs) to control stormwater runoff from the highway system and supporting facilities owned by the Department. SCMs are physical features designed to slow down, reduce, and/or treat stormwater runoff before it enters waterbodies and groundwater. These features are a subset of Best Management Practices (BMPs), which are effective and practical means of preventing or minimizing pollution.

Once constructed, SCMs require routine maintenance, periodic inspections, and as-needed corrective maintenance to ensure they continue to function as designed. In compliance with PaDEP’s NPDES and MS4 permitting requirements, PennDOT is has released a new publication outlining the Department’s new standardized SCMs inspections and maintenance program. The presentation will highlight the key components of the program including the SCM inventory database, field inspections, and various maintenance activities described in the publication.


Susan Giannantonio, PE, CPESC - NTM Engineering


5:30 PM - Registration
6:00 PM - Dinner


239 Town Center Rd.
King of Prussia, PA


RSVP: Register by noon on Wednesday, November 6th by Clicking Here.  Space is limited.  Paypal is available for this event. 

Fees: $35 per person; $25 per student or government employee.

Questions: Eric Lindhult - 215-852-0068, eric.lindhult@gmail.com.