Elected Officers (Board for 2022/2023)

President: Ethan Donahue

Past President: Kevin Picanco/Calley Valicoff

President Elect: Nate Suhr

Secretary: Dalton Kuhn

Treasurer: Sam Mineer

Director: Sandra Anthony

Director: Ryan Brodwater

Activities Coordinator: (vacant)

Communications Manager: Kishor Shrestha

YMF President: Shyam Rajasegaran


Elected Officers (Board for 2023/2024)

President: Nate Suhr

Past President: Ethan Donahue

President Elect: OPEN POSITION

Secretary: Dalton Kuhn

Treasurer: Sam Mineer

Director: Sandra Anthony


Activities Coordinator: OPEN POSITION

Communications Manager: Sam Mineer

YMF President: Shyam Rajasegaran/Jeremy


Young Members Group

The Young Member Forum (YMF) of the Inland Empire Section would like to invite you to participate in upcoming events. Events are posted on this site and also on the Facebook page (search for group "ASCE Inland Empire YMF").

Contact the YMF leadership at [email protected]

Follow on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/asce_ie_ymf/ @asce_ie_ymf


Technical Education Committee

Alan Gay, P.E. (Chair)

Jaylene Atha, P.E.

Jeremy Clark, P.E.

Sushil Shenoy, P.E

Duane Studer, P.E.

John Finnegan, P.E.

Lynn Schmidt, P.E.

Jessica Bean, P.E