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Tuesday, October 27, 2020 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM EST
Register at: https://web.acecmi.org/events/How-to-Seamlessly-Adapt-to-the-New-Normal-189/details 

Sometimes change is planned. Sometimes it’s chucked in our faces. This year change has been chucked in our faces. That leaves us with a choice: We can fold under the weight of it and complain our way to failure. Or we can make this great shift in the “normal” work for us and our teams. Who says the “new normal” has to be bad, anyway?

In this thought provoking, live virtual workshop you’ll learn: 

• How to take the new processes, procedures, habits, and behaviors we’ve established during the pandemic and apply them constructively going forward 
• 4 ways to create a culture that embraces the change 
• 5 reasons why your people may resist your efforts and how to overcome them 
• 6 leadership tactics that will insure the best possible response from your people 
• 12 strategies that will allow you to steer your team through these changes
• 3 ways to get buy-in from your team members

PRESENTER: Doug Cartland
Mr. Cartland helps companies increase profits by improving their leadership skills. Since 1998, Doug has been an advisor to CEOs. He’s an expert in leadership and management skills and, in addition to his work with CEOs, has successfully trained and coached leaders on all levels. Many companies have drawn a direct correlation between his work with them and their enhanced profitability. Businesses and organizations in 47 of the 50 United States and 14 countries have come to rely upon his wise advice, counsel, training and coaching.