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Career Guidance Committee

The Career Guidance Committee provides information on Civil Engineering to the public, school libraries, high school guidance personnel and students (K-12) to aid them in their choice of career and to provide them with useful information about preparing for a career in civil engineering. For more information about this committee, please contact Aaron Foster (see contact information above).

Continuing Education Committee

The Continuing Education Committee formulates and executes Continuing Education activities in the Section consistent with the goals of the Board. The Committee assists other Section Committees and Technical Groups in areas of Continuing Education. The Committee also sponsors some continuing educational activities that are not sponsored by other Section Committees or Technical Groups. For more information about this committee, please contact Aaron Foster (see contact information above).


Government Engineers Committee


History & Heritage Committee

News from August 2020 ---> ASCE’s History & Heritage Committee (HHC) is working on an initiative to inventory the Society’s historic civil engineering landmarks. The HHC is seeking assistance in performing site visits to locate and assess the conditions of ASCE plaques, particularly from local members who live in proximity to landmarks. There is one ASCE historic civil engineering landmark in the Connecticut – the Rocky River Pumped Storage Hydraulic Plant in New Milford. We need a photo of the plaque of this landmark, it might be located at FirstLight’s Rocky River Station (possibly inside the building).

All that is needed is to find/visit the location of the ASCE plaque, take photos, and fill out a copy of the Landmark Site Visit Report Form. Please send questions or completed forms to Randy States at the email listed below.

As part of this initiative, the HHC has been mapping out the locations of historic civil engineering landmarks and ASCE plaques on Google Maps. This mapping effort will ultimately make it easier to help our members discover and visit ASCE’s historic civil engineering landmarks throughout the world. Some members have already posted and tagged their photos of historic civil engineering landmarks and ASCE plaques to social media using the hashtag #VisitASCELandmarks; you can check out what has been previously posted on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

History & Heritage Committee information

Another Day in the Life of an Engineer

During all these years of work on the location and construction of the Kansas Pacific Railway, the surveying parties were continually harassed by hostile Indians, and were frequently obliged to fight for their lives. His army life and acquaintance with warfare was admirable preparation for this experience, and on one memorable occasion, June 19, 1869, Mr. Schuyler, while leading an advance of a preliminary survey near Sheridan, Kan., and while engaged in picking out a line for the party a few miles in the rear, was surprised and surrounded by a band of 100 or more hostile Cheyennes, but by coolness and presence of mind, he cut his way through the lines and escaped without a scratch, killing four Indians in the engagement. Five bullets were lodged in his horse; his field glasses and one spur were cut off by bullets, and his clothes were riddled; even the handle of his carbine were pierced and nearly torn from his grasp by a rifle ball. His plucky defense of himself saved the lives of the rest of the party, and they all succeeded in retreating to the military post fifteen miles distant, fighting their way through the swarming hordes of savages, whose well laid plans for picking off the party one at a time was baffled by the coolness of their intrepid leader. The only member of the party wounded in this thrilling adventure was the writer.

Excerpt from the memoir of Howard Schuyler (1844 - 1883) written by James D. Schuyler for the ASCE Transactions, Vol. XXXVI, December 1896 - (Partial transcription of memoir without changes).

Interesting Project & Historical Links

CSCE Past Presidents

1912 - 28th Annual Meeting and Proceedings - Cover and President's Address, The Wepawaug River Diversion Works, New Haven Pavements, Submerged Gas Mains at New Haven, Raising Putnam Lake Dam, The Saybrook Bridge over the Connecticut River, The Shore Line Electric Railway, Recent Developments in Sewage Disposal, Cedar Hill Engine House Facilities, Addenda, Memoria, Proceedings, Charter Members, Members, Advertisers

1928 - 44th Annual Meeting and Proceedings - Advertisers (1st of 3 files), Advertisers (2nd of 3 files), Advertisers (3rd of 3 files), Cover-Contents-Committees, Engineering & Aviation, Holland Tunnel (1st of 3 files), Holland Tunnel (2nd of 3 files), Holland Tunnel (3rd of 3 files), Hudson River Bridge (1st of 3 files), Hudson River Bridge (2nd of 3 files), Hudson River Bridge (3rd of 3 files), Memoirs (1st of 2 files), Memoirs (2nd of 2 files), Mississippi Flood Control, New England Flood (1st of 2 files), New England Flood (2nd of 2 files), Payson Park Reservoir (Gunite) (1st of 2 files), Payson Park Reservoir (Gunite) (2nd of 2 files), President's Message, Proceedings (1st of 3 files), Proceedings (2nd of 3 files), Proceedings (3rd of 3 files), Reynolds Bridge, Rocky River Hydro Electric (1st of 2 files)Rocky River Hydro Electric (2nd of 2 files)

1933 - 49th Annual Meeting and Proceedings - Advertisements (1st of 2 files). Advertisements (2nd of 2 files), Annual Meeting Proceedings (1st of 3 files), Annual Meeting Proceedings (2nd of 3 files), Annual Meeting Proceedings (3rd of 3 files), Appraising Damages and Benefits (1st of 2 files), Appraising Damages and Benefits (2nd of 2 files), Cover-Contents-Committees, Early Cement Manufacture (1st of 2 files), Early Cement Manufacture (2nd of 2 files), Heavy Construction in Russia, High Early Strength Cement, Memoirs (1st of 2 files), Memoirs (2nd of 2 files), Mill Rock Reservoir, Modern Soil Mechanics, Northampton Canal (1st of 4 files)Northampton Canal (2nd of 4 files)Northampton Canal (3rd of 4 files)Northampton Canal (4th of 4 files), Pages from Annual Report, Precise Survey Hartford MD, President's Address, Professional Registration, Sewage Disposal (1st of 3 files), Sewage Disposal (2nd of 3 files), Sewage Disposal (3rd of 3 files)

1938 - 54th Annual Meeting and Proceedings - Advertisers (1st of 2 files), Advertisers (2nd of 2 files), Banquet Address, Blasting Methods (1st of 2 files), Blasting Methods (2nd of 2 files), Connecticut Boundary Survey (1st of 2 files), Connecticut Boundary Survey (2nd of 2 files), Connecticut's Canals (1st of 7 files), Connecticut's Canals (2nd of 7 files), Connecticut's Canals (3rd of 7 files), Connecticut's Canals (4th of 7 files), Connecticut's Canals (5th of 7 files), Connecticut's Canals (6th of 7 files), Connecticut's Canals (7th of 7 files), Controlling Traffic (1st of 2 files), Controlling Traffic (2nd of 2 files), Cover-Title-Committees-Awards, Developments in Structural Engineering, Flood Control Paper 1 (Part 1 of 2), Flood Control Paper 1 (Part 2 of 2), Flood Control Paper 2 (Part 1 of 2), Flood Control Paper 2 (Part 2 of 2), Flood Control Paper 3, Geologist in Lighter Mood, MDC Sewage Treatment Plant (1st of 2 files), MDC Sewage Treatment Plant (2nd of 2 files), Memoirs (1st of 2 files), Memoirs (2nd of 2 files), Metering Utility Service (1st of 2 files), Metering Utility Service (2nd of 2 files), President's Message, Registration, Sand Filter Plant, State Senate Bill 728, The Merritt Parkway (1st of 2 files)The Merritt Parkway (2nd of 2 files)

1946 - 62nd Annual Report - Cover through Page 28, War Developments, Construction and Idlewild Airport, Proportioning of Workable Concrete for any Strength, Probable Future Trends in Suspension Bridge Design, Methods and Tolerances for Connecticut Surveyors
Comments on the Code of Recommended Accuracy of Maps, Some Methods of Research in Civil Engineering, Some Engineering Aspects of Flood Control in New England, The River Obstructions of the Revolutionary War (part 1 of 3), The River Obstructions of the Revolutionary War (part 2 of 3), The River Obstructions of the Revolutionary War (part 3 of 3), A Look at Nuclear Power with Binoculars, Preservation of Beckley Furnace at East Canaan, CT, as an Industrial Monument, Proceedings, Constitution Bylaws - The Connecticut Engineer Registration Act, Memoirs and Members, Advertisers

1955 - 71st Annual Report - Cover through Page 22, Advancement of the Young Engineer, Highway Inlets for Catch Basins, Hartford Public Library, Hogback Dam and Development, Functions of a Site Planner, Middletown Power Plant, Transmission Lines Encircling Hartford, Shepaug Hydro-Electric Plant, Traffic and Parking Ills can be Cured, Parking Garages, Pigeon Hole Parking, Traffic Control (Hartford), State Street Bridge and East-West Highway, Phases of the Present Engineering Act, Local Meetings, Annual Meeting, Memoirs and Membership, Professional Cards and Advertisers

1965 - 81st Annual Report - Cover and Committees, Sub-Drainage, Ring Compression Theory, Developments in Pavement, Developments in Pavement Construction, Connecticut's New Dense Graded Base, Soil-Cement Construction, Durable Concrete for Sidewalks
Has the Tape Become Obsolete, Topographic Map Reproduction, Title Search, Forty Years of Water Pollution Control, Watershed Flood Protection Program, Comprehensive Water Resource Investigations, Gas Industry Past and Present, Natural Gas in the Future
Local and Annual Meetings, Memoirs and Membership, Professional Cards and Advertisers

1975 - 91st Annual Report - Cover, Committees and Awards, Housing and Community Development, Hartford Center, Title Traps and Surveyors, Highways to Trails, Soil Conservation, Energy and the Environment, Offshore Drilling, Meetings, Memoirs, Officers and Membership, Constitution and Bylaws, Professional Cards and Advertisers

Historic Connecticut Highway BridgesArrigoni BridgeMerritt ParkwayFounders BridgeLong Island CrossingsBUILDING BIG, a five-part PBS television series and website from WGBH Boston, Railroad History Archive at the University of ConnecticutU.S. Army Corps of EngineersThe Engineering Collection at the Linda Hall LibraryYale-New Haven Teachers Institute - The Farmington CanalNational Asphalt Pavement Association - History of Asphalt

CSCE welcomes inquiries and more information about Connecticut civil engineering history. If you are interested in learning more about any of the files above or have historical information to share, please send an email to

Infrastructure Report Card Ad-Hoc Committee

On October 30, 2018, the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE) Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers released the 2018 Report Card for Connecticut’s Infrastructure, identifying Connecticut’s infrastructure shortfalls and successes, and revealing to us just how much our infrastructure needs attention. The Report Card assessed five infrastructure categories and assigned Connecticut with an overall grade of “C-”. Included in the Report Card are grades for the state’s network of roads, which received a “D+,” and bridges, which received a “C-.” The report card may be found online at:…/connecticut/

Legislative Affairs Committee

In 2018-2019, this Committee provided testimony on behalf of CSCE to the state legislature on the following bills:

In Support of:

Senate Bill No. 713 – An Act Concerning Open Rest Areas

House Bill No. 5162 – An Act Establishing A Task Force To Study Alternative Funding Sources For Rest Areas On State Highways

House Bill No. 7280 (Raised) – An Act Concerning Support For Transportation Infrastructure And The Creation Of The Connecticut Transportation Finance Authority

House Bill No. 7202 – An Act Concerning The Sustainability Of Connecticut’s Transportation Infrastructure


In Opposition to:

Senate Bill No. 917 - An Act Concerning The State Contracting Standards Board And Requirements For Privatization Contracts

Senate Bill No. 1037 – An Act Concerning Verification of Contractor Employee Activity Under Certain Computer-Related State Contracts

Senate Bill No. 876 – An Act Authorizing And Adjusting Bonds Of The State For Capital Improvements, Transportation And Other Purposes

House Bill No. 877 – An Act Concerning Revenue Items To Implement The Governor’s Budget

From March 12-14, 2019, Brianna Maljanian, P.E., Jen Buchanon, P.E., and Katie Klose represented CSCE at the 19th Annual ASCE Legislative Fly-In in Washington, DC. While there, they attended Younger Members training events and met with the ASCE President-Elect and staff of Connecticut legislators.

In 2017-2018, this Committee coordinated CSCE’s efforts to support the following bills:

HB-5046 - An Act concerning the Sustainability of Transportation Projects - The proposed revision to statute to create a sustainable revenue source for transportation by allowing electronic tolls on Connecticut highways was of interest to CSCE.

HB-5391 – An Act concerning the Preparation of a Tolling Proposal and Support for Transportation Infrastructure – The proposed revision to statute to create a two-step process for establishing electronic tolls on Connecticut highways was of interest to CSCE.

SB-10 – An Act concerning Revenue Items to Implement the Governor’s Budget - Three specific actions proposed to stabilize transportation revenue in the Special Transportation Fund were of interest to CSCE.

SB – 193 – An Act concerning Revisions to the Department of Consumer Protection Statutes – The proposed revision to the statutes to clarify that individual members of LLC’s and owners of corporations practicing professional engineering or land surveying services are not required to be individually licensed themselves was of interest to CSCE.  This change clarified statute and offer additional legal protections to individual engineers employed by engineering companies.

In addition, the Committee submitted an opinion editorial (op-ed) to the Hartford Courant in February 2018 regarding the funding crisis with the Special Transportation Fund.

In 2016, the Committee coordinated CSCE’s efforts to support the establishment of a financial lockbox to protect transportation funds (see below):

CCIA Testimony at the Public Hearing of the Transportation Committee


2018 - CSCE in the News - October 31, 2018

Highway Fund Needs Protection - Op-Ed in the Waterbury Republican-American

News Release - October 30, 2018 - Connecticut Infrastructure Earns Overall GPA of “C-” from ASCE - Investments in rail yielding positive results, but wastewater infrastructure is at risk for flooding 

Learn more > 2018 Connecticut Infrastructure Report Card

Read about the press conference in the Hartford Courant on October 30, 2018 > Engineers Give Connecticut's Aging Roads, Bridges, Water Systems A 'C-' In New Report

See coverage of press conference on Eyewitness News 3 WFSB >

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee encourages civil engineers to become affiliated with the ASCE and the Section. The Committee is responsible for increasing ASCE and Section membership, and inviting new members to monthly meeting. For more information about this committee, please contact Rich Cohen (see contact information above)

Programs Committee


Scholarship Fund Committee


Water Resources Committee

Website Committee 

The Website Committee operates, maintains, and upgrades CSCE's website. The Committee also investigates, studies, and makes recommendations to the Executive Board concerning the operation, maintenance, financing, and appearance of the website. The committee maintains contact with appropriate local and national committees, groups, and student chapters and clubs, to improve communications through technology. This committee is made up of the CSCE First Director, who serves as the Chair, Vice President, and Newsletter Editor. Adhoc Committee members may be recruited for specific assignments as needed. 

For more information about this committee, please contact Past CSCE President George Gerard (see contact information above).

Younger Members Group

YMG info

Minutes from Meeting on 04/14/22



The Connecticut Chapter of the Construction Institute develops and implements programs and provides a forum to better enable those civil engineers who are interested in the Construction Engineering discipline. 

The Connecticut Valley Chapter of the Geo-Institute develops and implements programs and provides a forum to better enable those civil engineers interested in the Geotechnical Engineering discipline. 

Contact Person: 

William Cunningham, P.E., F.ASCE

Mohawk Northeast, Inc.

170 Canal Street, Plantsville, CT 06479

860-621-1451 x629

Contact Person:

Clayton Patterson, P.E.


Long Wharf Maritime Center, 555 Long Wharf Drive, 9th Floor, New Haven, CT 06511-6107

203-784-3033 / 917-647-3755


The Structural Engineering Institute - Connecticut Chapter develops and implements programs and provides a forum to better enable those civil engineers who are interested in the Structural Engineering discipline.  The Transportation & Development Institute - Connecticut Chapter develops and implements programs and provides a forum to better enable those civil engineers who are interested in the transportation and development industry.

Contact Person:

Alex Mora, P.E., D.PE

Foth Infrastructure & Environment

68 Magnolia Road, Milford, CT 06461

508-762-0787 x0787 / 203-685-7741

Contact Person:

Ranjit Bhave, P.E.


330 Roberts Street, Suite 401

East Hartford, CT 06108-3604

860-200-9168 / 203-278-7767

CSCE would like to thank all the CSCE members who serve on Technical, Professional, Educational, Research, Board and Institute Committees at the Society level. These people could potentially: 

1. Provide up-to-date information on the activities and programs of their Society Committees

2. Serve as liaisons between the Society Committee and their Section and/or Branch
3. Facilitate and encourage involvement of their local members at the Society Level. 


Thank you for donating your time and resources to issues of concern to ASCE!

For more information about CSCE, please contact any of the people listed above or the CSCE Administrative Assistant via Email or USPS mail (P.O. Box 1101, Deep River, CT 06417)